Friends of the Pilgrims Series©
Vol. 2 & 3
   Daniel Cole and James Cole

  Early Descendants of Daniel Cole of Eastham,
These 2 books will cover the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Daniel Cole of Eastham and James Cole of Plymouth.

Updating these early generations in print and providing full primary sources wherever possible was the goal for this series of books and the reader will not be disappointed. Each event is numbered to correspond with the endnote so that there is no guessing as to which source goes with which event. Included are full transcripts of wills (in the first three generations), dozens of gravestone epitaphs and pictures, and countless marriages with Mayflower descendants, thus providing information on Mayflower lines. Biographical data is given for those in the first three generations and occasionally in the fourth generation. The James Cole family will also include an in-depth history of Cole's Hill.

A cemetery section is included with pictures of cemeteries, dates visited and locations for those who wish to visit themselves. A full bibliography and index completes each book.

by Susan E. Roser
Daniel Cole arrived in Plymouth Colony between 1637 and 1640. Of his eleven children, ten had issue, adding up to fifty-six grandchildren and two hundred and twenty -five great-grandchildren who are covered in this book.

Included are full transcripts of 28 wills in the first three generations. Illustrations and pictures include: 25 gravestone pictures, 24 signatures, pics of 2 wills and 1 court order and 23 cemetery pictures.

Friends of the Pilgrims Series

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by Susan E. Roser

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James Cole arrived in Plymouth Colony before 1634. He and wife Mary Tibbes had four children, twenty-three grandchildren and one hundred and twenty-five great-grandchildren, who are covered in this book.

Included are full transcripts of thirteen wills in the first three generations.

Also incl. is the history of Cole's Hill.

Publication is expected in early fall 2015.
Daniel Cole


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Early Descendants of James Cole of Plymouth,

Fall 2015 Publication date !!
Additional volumes in this series will contain four generations of the following families:

John Barnes, John Doane, John Faunce, John Holmes, Samuel Ryder and John Shaw

Publication details will follow as the dates get closer.