Friends of the Pilgrims Series©
by Susan E. Roser                                FPS

John Barnes  John Doane
John Churchill      John Faunce
Henry Cobb    John Holmes
Daniel Cole                    Samuel Ryder
       James Cole                   John Shaw

Early Descendants of Henry Cobb of Barnstable, Massachusetts is the first volume in the FPS series.

Early Descendants of Daniel Cole of Eastham, Massachusetts is the second.

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I have undertaken over thirty research trips to New England since 1995, researching all ten families. I have visited cemeteries, court houses, record offices and libraries in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Vermont and Nova Scotia.

Friends of the Pilgrims Series

Copyright ©2007-

by Susan E. Roser
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Vol. 1, Henry Cobb was printed in 2008.

Vol. 2, Daniel Cole was printed in 2010.

Vol. 3, James Cole is delayed.

Vol. 4, Samuel Ryder  TBA

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Cobb, Cole and Ryder descendants (including Mayflower descendants)  will welcome the addition of these documented hard cover books onto their book shelves. In fact, anyone who maintains a New England database will want to own each volume in this series.  And - ask your local library to order one for their shelves !
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I have been working on this new series of books since 1995, documenting the early generations of ten men who came to Plymouth after the Mayflower, viz:

Mayflower Passenger References

Welcome to my website, where you will find information on my upcoming series of books, Friends of the Pilgrims Series (FPS).  The  series will include the early, documented genealogies (children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren) of the following Plymouth Colony men: John Barnes, John Churchill, Henry Cobb, Daniel Cole, James Cole, John Doane, John Faunce, John Holmes, Samuel Ryder and John Shaw. Many of their descendants married into Mayflower families.
Full transcripts of wills are given in the first three generations along with biographical data and gravestone pictures. All epitaphs that were found and transcribed are included. Most importantly, these early generations are fully documented.

Check this site regularly for updates on publication dates of future volumes.

Researchers are welcome to contact me at  if they have any questions pertaining to publication dates.
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