Friends of the Pilgrims Series©
Vol. 1, Henry Cobb

by Susan E. Roser

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This hardcover book covers four generations, that of Henry, his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, representing five hundred and eleven New Englanders (and spouses), with the goal being to sort out inaccuracies, update and document these early generations.

Providing full primary sources wherever possible was the goal for this book and the reader will not be disappointed. Each event is numbered to correspond with the endnote so that there is no guessing as to which source goes with which event. 

Included are full transcripts of 37 wills (from the first three generations), 170 epitaphs, 37 gravestone pictures and countless marriages with Mayflower descendants, thus providing information on Mayflower lines. Biographical data is given for those in the first three generations and occasionally in the fourth generation.

In addition to the many, many marriages with Mayflower descendants, three of Henry's children married into the Howland family. Jonathan2 Cobb married Hope Chipman3 (Hope2 Howland, John1); Sarah2 Cobb married Samuel Chipman3 (Hope2 Howland, John1) and Henry2 Cobb married Lois Hallet4 (Elizabeth Gorham3, Desire2 Howland, John1).

Family lines covered (i.e. at least 2 generations) include the surnames of Bearse, Bennet, Chipman, Cole, Coleman, Crocker, Davis, Dunham, Gallup, Hinckley, Jackson, Knowles, Lewis, Lothrop, Lumbart, Paine, Parker, Pease, Scudder, Sparrow, Stanton, Taylor and Williamson.

A cemetery section is included with pictures of 38 cemeteries, dates visited and locations for those who wish to visit themselves. A full bibliography and index completes the hardcover book; xix, + 412 pp.

He that raises a large family does indeed, while he 
lives to observe them, stand a broader mark for 
sorrow;  but then he stands a broader mark for 
pleasure too.

        Benjamin Franklin

The above quote could easily apply to Henry Cobb who, by wives Patience Hurst and Sarah Hinckley, fathered fifteen children, seven sons and eight daughters. In a family as large as this, as Franklin pointed out, the sorrows can be great and Henry was no stranger to sorrow. His first wife Patience died five weeks after giving birth to their seventh child, Eleazer in 1648. Henry faired better with his second marriage as younger wife Sarah survived the births of their eight children, however two of their children (possibly three) died in infancy. He also buried his adult son, Gershom.

Henry's pleasures were great. When he died in 1679, he had outlived twelve children and witnessed the births of twenty-eight grandchildren, none of whom died in infancy, quite a blessing in those times. Of his seventy-two grandchildren, all but fourteen had issue, which adds up to four hundred and twenty-three known great-grandchildren. 

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Friends of the Pilgrims Series

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Corrections to vol. 1, Henry Cobb

pg. 130, [typo] the name Elizabeth Morton should read Norton.

pg. 307, Reference #3 should read: Barbour/Stonington VR [64] 2:20; Canterbury ChR:96; Stonington CT VR 43:101.  [changes are underlined]

Note that the previous correction here to pg.100 is not necessary - the statement that Stephen Cobb d. aft. 3 May 1767 (the date of dau Mary's baptism) is correct in the book. He also had dau Anna baptized 3 May 1761 - hence the confusion.

Early Descendants of Henry Cobb of  Barnstable, Massachusetts